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Contact: Becky Willard
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Beacon Grace is a technology and business support consulting services firm helping Supply Chain Centers navigate the successful integration of software solutions into their operations and overall business strategies. We partner with our clients during technology projects (large and small) such as installing or upgrading ERP, WMS, FTZ, TMS, MHE/WCS, back office ecommerce and retail, and other supply chain inventory control solutions. We also partner with our clients during on-going continuous improvement projects. We help provide support and guidance on all phases of technology projects including pre-project feasibility studies, throughout the project lifecycle, and through the post-go-live stabilization phase.

Don’t choose between pulling valuable personnel and resources away from operations, or struggle through unfamiliar territory, without essential project support. Beacon Grace’s consultants understand how to help you get the most from these operational and capital improvement projects.

We offer a holistic approach to software implementation, creative problem-solving, and operational process improvement that comes from decades of first-hand experience working with a variety of regional, national, and global firms.

Let Beacon Grace be your guide and advocate.

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20140 Scholar Drive Suite #318 Hagerstown MD 21742 US