City of Martinsburg – Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Water Treatment Plant Operators

City of Martinsburg – Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Water Treatment Plant Operators

City of Martinsburg

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Water Treatment Plant Operators Class I, II, III

The City of Martinsburg has openings for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Water Plant Treatment Operator Class I (minimum wage $33,363), Operator Class II (minimum wage $34,531) and Operator Class III (minimum wage $36,991). Wage offer will be dependent on required certification level. Class III Plant Operator certification preferred but all qualified applications accepted.

Two (2) years of experience (Operator I) or three (3) years of experience (Operator II and Operator III) in a wastewater or water utility, or any equivalent combination of education and experience. Must possess and maintain the appropriate West Virginia Health Department Certifications and a valid driver license. Position monitors all wastewater and water plant equipment, collects samples and analyzes in accordance with local, state and Federal requirements. Gathers and tests wastewater and water samples for plant efficiency reports and records data. Operates, cleans and maintains all wastewater and water plant equipment. Works with SCADA and PLC systems for operation and control of various plant processes. Performs related duties as assigned.

Applicants must be able to meet all physical requirements of this position.

The City of Martinsburg offers an excellent benefit package. See below.

Application is available at or at City Hall, 2nd floor. Applications must be filed with the Human Resource Director, 232 N. Queen St., Martinsburg, WV 25401 on or before Friday, November 22, 2019. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. EEO/AA.



  1. Health/Dental/Vision/Life ($20,000) – Paid for the employee at 90% and paid for dependents at 70%. Total insurance package current monthly rates are: single coverage – $89.52 employee share and $769.57 City share for a total premium of $895.32; Current rate employee + 1 person-$353.26 employee share and $1421.22 City share for a total premium of $1774.48; Current rate family coverage – $415.50 employee share and $1,566.50 City share for a total premium of $1,982.00. These rates are monthly rates and deductions are divided among two payrolls per month. In the month with 3 pay dates, no insurances are withheld. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is the current health and vision carrier and METLIFE is the current dental carrier. AXA Equitable provides the life insurance. New hires are eligible for coverage the first of the month following hire date.
  2. Vacation Leave – 1 – 4 years of service – 80 hours per year
    5 – 14 years of service – 120 hours per year
    15 – 20 years of service – 160 hours per year
    21 or more years of service – 200 hours per year
    Employees serve a six month probationary period during which they accrue paid leave but cannot utilize paid leave.   Required leave without pay would require supervisor approval. Employees may carry two full years of vacation before forfeiture. Employees are paid for their unpaid vacation time (up to two years) at time of termination.
  3. Sick Leave –Accrue 8 hours per month – Employees may carry 1080 hours of sick leave of which they are eligible for payment upon termination. Sick leave accrued in excess of 1080 hours will be credited to personal leave up to a personal leave balance of 200 hours.
  4. Personal Leave – 24 hours per year – Personal leave is added to each employees leave record on July 1 of each year. Sick leave accrued in excess of 1080 hours will also credit to personal leave balance.  Personal leave may be carried over from year to year. Personal leave balance may not exceed 200 hours.
  5. Bereavement Leave – Employees receive three days bereavement leave for the death of an immediate family member. The definition of immediate family member is found in the City of Martinsburg’s Personnel Rules and Policies.
  6. Employees receive all governmental holidays as outlined in the West Virginia Code.
  7. Direct Deposit services are offered.
  8. Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) – All employees who are hired for the first time and first become a member of PERS on or after July 1, 2015 (Tier II PERS participants) are required to participate at a rate of 6.00% of their gross payroll. The City will contribute 11.00%.
  9. AFLAC Insurance Policies – The employee pays 100% for these policies. (Voluntary)
  10. Jury Duty – Employees will be granted reasonable time off and shall be compensated at the regular rate of pay when required to serve on a jury or attend court sessions when subpoenaed and in a capacity other than a defendant or plaintiff.
  11. Use of City Vehicle – A City vehicle will be provided, as available, from the work place to conduct City business.
  12. Pay Increases – City Council reviews and authorizes pay increases, as funds are available, each July 1. An employee pay increase is based upon a merit evaluation.
  13. Longevity – Employees who have been under the employ of the City of Martinsburg for four (4) years receive $250 longevity pay. An additional $50 is added each year thereafter.
  14. Training/Travel – Employees are reimbursed for training, lodging and meals while traveling on behalf of the City of Martinsburg. Employees whose job requires travel (in connection with City business when a City vehicle is unavailable) may furnish their own vehicle and be reimbursed at the current IRS approved mileage rate for travel.
  15. Tuition Aid – Employees are reimbursed by the City for 50% of tuition costs for courses leading to a job-related degree up to two courses or six credits per semester.


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