Member Spotlight

January 2020

HVAC Service & Installation
208 Antietam Dr.
Falling Waters, WV 25419
(304) 900-2473 (Aire)
Jim Ednes, Owner
[email protected]

When you invite Aire Serv into your home, you will encounter a tailored and unique experience. My trained technicians are taught to treat you and your house with respect. We specialize in replacement units, service and maintenance.

Planned maintenance, before system failure, saves you time and money. Through proactive maintenance, you can save on utility bills and start increasing the life span of your heating and cooling equipment.

Starting in January 2020, the refrigerant R-22 will no longer be manufactured, due to EPA standards for protecting the air and ozone. Many residents will need to consider replacing their older heating and cooling systems. We will give you guidance and offer financing if needed to residents of Berkeley and Jefferson counties.

Here is a picture of my lead technician servicing and repairing a severe propane/gas leak he found in a customer’s house. The family was very fortunate and we are proud of our technicians. I consider my technicians the Emergency Medical Techs of the HVAC industry.

Jim Ednes, Owner
Aire Serv of Martinsburg

November 2019

The Studio Salon, Spa & Boutique
1864 Winchester Ave.
Martinsburg, WV 25405

Looking fabulous and feeling beautiful are always in style at The Studio.  We love making you look fabulous on the outside but more importantly, we strive to make you feel beautiful on the inside.  The Studio Boutique gal loves on trend styles but stays true to her classic look.  Her sophistication has a fun side that enjoys being comfortable.

We are the perfect trio of salon, spa and boutique.  Our staff invests in education to keep their skills current in the ever-changing hair, nail and skincare industry.  We recently added lash extensions and microblading to our list of services.

Come and see us so we can make YOU look fabulous and feel beautiful!


September 2019

Jane Hamann
[email protected]

From a young age on, I have always been active from the time I was a small child. I was always outside running, riding my bike, rollerblading, and playing wall tennis. If I couldn’t go outside, I was driving my mom crazy running around the house. I was definitely the child she had to keep an eye on. She relished the few times when I was quietly reading or at the piano. After high school,  I was able to join a local gym and spent a good part of my free time there.

As I got into running road races, from the mile to the marathon, I started restructuring my workouts at the gym to meet the needs of my sport. I spoke with other athletes and trainers about the best way to attain peak physical fitness. I encouraged my less-active family and friends to improve their fitness level and to get moving! I developed a natural desire to help others get healthier and to live better lives.

When I moved from Illinois to New York in 2000 to be with my future husband, I began working in a health club in the sales and accounting department, but I found myself drawn to the training side of the business. I began to see helping people to set and reach their goals as my true vocation. I soon made the decision to seek certification through ACE (American Council on Exercise. I also realized there was a real need for in-home personal training. Finding the time and energy to get to a gym is usually the biggest challenge to folks starting and maintaining a fitness program. I earned my ACE certification in 2002 and have been leading small groups and working with individuals, in the comfort and convenience of their own homes ever since.

A mere six weeks before moving to West Virginia in 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Looking back on this experience, I truly believe that my active lifestyle really paid off, as I struggled with this unexpected challenge. Four weeks after a single mastectomy changed my life, I was out walking and jogging along the beautiful banks of the Potomac. The effects of chemotherapy were definitely lessened by my dedication to continuing to stay as active as possible and getting outside as much as I could.  It wasn’t always easy. Through a local support group, I met new friends with shared experiences,  and I was inspired to successfully seek an additional credential as a professional Cancer Exercise Specialist, through CETI, the Cancer Exercise Training Institute.

What makes me different from other trainers? My approach is based on empathy and a true understanding of just how hard it is to find support and encouragement in our busy world. My personal mission statement includes treatment of each of my clients as a unique individual with specific needs and goals. The one-size-fits-all approach has no place in my training book; I firmly reject the cookie-cutter approach to fitness program design. The plan each of my clients works with must be as natural to them as brushing their teeth or combing their hair.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get stronger, develop core strength, improve your golf game, run a 5k or find a path back to empowerment after an illness, with my guidance, expertise and motivation, I guarantee that I can help you succeed and live a healthier, more-balanced life.

I offer the following services:

  • One-on-One Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Survivor (cancer) Training
  • Corporate Wellness

I service the general Eastern Panhandle, as well as Washington and Frederick counties.

Along with accountability, I provide passion, a sense of humor, and a down-to-earth approach to the programs I design. I will be there to encourage, motivate, and walk side-by-side with you down the path to a fitter, happier and healthier lifestyle. That’s my commitment to you.

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Visit my website and blog, and please leave a comment or question, or send me a private email. Confidentially is paramount to me.


“If you want to have more energy and focus, if you want to lose weight and become healthier then call Jane!  Both professional and pleasant, Jane will design an exercise program that is suited to your needs and goals, and all in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  After I started working with Jane, I finally started to see progress and it made me want to continue to work and improve.  The one-on-one workouts with Jane along with her encouragement and motivation was exactly what I needed to succeed, two years later I’m still going strong! THANKS JANE!”            –Rita


“I have scoliosis and my scoliosis surgeon at Baylor Scoliosis Center recommended a personal trainer who could design a core strengthening routine to help keep my scoliosis in check and to help fight off the threat of surgery. Jane Hamann is that personal trainer. I am 59 years old and not only has my core strength improved, but my pain level has diminished significantly. As an added benefit I have lost 15 lbs. and 12 inches over my entire body.  Not being a big fan of exercising, working with Jane has made it so much easier and enjoyable that I don’t mind working out.  Jane comes to my home twice a week to work one-on-one with me.  She takes care in making sure the program is right for me, and I am comfortable with the exercises before progressing to the next level.  She is genuinely concerned about my health and well-being.  Anyone seeking to improve general strength and stamina levels and lose weight would benefit from Jane’s expertise!”           –Zella

“Jane’s way is the best way and I’m proof it works. I’ve lost 30 pounds and gained an amazing personal trainer. All my family and friends have really noticed not only my weight loss but my improved level and fitness and energy.  Jane really tailors my workout sessions specifically for me and she also makes working out fun and enjoyable. Forty-five minutes training with Jane beats an hour or more in the gym any day. She is able to work with my busy schedule and really pushes me to achieve my weight loss goals. Jane also offers wonderful advice on nutrition and achieving a healthier lifestyle. If you are tired of not achieving your fitness goals doing it your way, do it Jane’s way.”         –Alicia

“When I was cleared to exercise after having weight-loss surgery, I hired Jane Hamann as my personal trainer. I wanted someone to work with me to develop the best exercise routine for me; one that would give me the results that I wanted without jeopardizing my health. A year later the results have been amazing!  I have kept my weight down, and love the shape my body is in. Jane is tough yet encouraging. She cares about her clients and makes me very comfortable while working out. Her workouts are challenging but fun and geared to my level of ability….and, since she works with me in my own home, I have no excuse not to work out!  Thanks, Jane, for helping me get the body that I have always wanted!”         –Twila


August 2019

Historic McFarland House
409 S. Queen St., Martinsburg, WV 25401
(304) 263-1890

The Historic McFarland House is known for its popularity as an event venue for decades, but with the addition of new Executive Chef William Walden this year, owners Michael McCarty and Donna Cobean have expanded to open a fine dining restaurant giving patrons more opportunities to experience the culinary expertise of their new “star” chef.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Chef Walden’s caliber,” said co-owner Michael McCarty.  “His all-consuming passion for excellence in the food he prepares and the atmosphere he creates could not be more perfectly matched with the Historic McFarland House.”

Chef Walden, a renowned chef and restaurateur with over 35 years of culinary expertise, has catered to dignitaries,  celebrities, and diplomats– even the likes of five different United State’s Presidents. The French-trained chef worked at the #1 ranked restaurant in Northern Virginia for 11 years, where he studied under a Michelin 3 star chef. He also worked at  L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls, and co-owned or operated several restaurants in the Washington, D.C., metro  area and Florida. At Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, Va., he cooked for celebrities like Lynda Carter and Robert Duvall. He returned to his native Lovettsville, Va., in the late 1990s to open a French country restaurant called La Fleur de Lis.

“It has been a wonderful experience watching Chef William in the kitchen and with our guests,”  McFarland co-owner Donna Cobean says. “He is extremely gifted and is determined to “wow” you with every single dish he prepares with absolute, stunning perfection... in presentation and taste!”

The McFarland House Restaurant is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5pm to 9pm, as well as 10am to 2pm for Sunday Brunch.  The House is also available for events of all sizes for various types of celebrations, from business luncheons and private corporate dinners to weddings and family gatherings.

Check us out online at
Facebook:  Historic McFarland House
Instagram:  @historicmcfarland_house


July 2019

For over 15 years, Advantage Technology has been providing IT services and solutions.  We service companies in Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, along with clients in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, and Canada.  To provide the most reliable and expedient service, we have offices in Maryland, West Virginia, and Kentucky, strategically located in Williamsport, Shepherdstown, Charleston, Morgantown, and Lexington.

Because we have over 80 technicians, we can specialize in emerging areas of information technology and have dedicated resources to specific disciplines, rather than merely being computer generalists. Our focus and innovation enable us to support over 800 companies and continue to expand into cutting edge areas of information technology.

Anne Jessop

Anne Jessop

Tom Reilly

Tom Reilly

Jack Shaffer

Jack Shaffer








Learn more at:

219 S. Duke St.
Shepherdstown, WV 25443
(304) 876-1200



June 2019

(304) 283-3712     [email protected]

A photoshoot fit for a supermodel    by Jessann Thompson

It was always a dream for Jenny DiCola to explore the creative possibilities that were outside of her career as an IT specialist. Now that dream has become a reality and is becoming much more than she could have ever hoped for. It started with a camera that DiCola bought to dip her toes into something she did not know would be a budding small business. She began taking action photos of her daughters at their dance recitals each year. That turned into growing requests from friends and family for photo sessions. In the fall of 2017, DiCola obtained a business license and embarked on a journey that would change her life for the better.

“I started my business due to the positive responses I was getting on my work,” DiCola said.

At the beginning, DiCola was regularly doing photo shoots for families at various locations and even set up a makeshift studio in her own home. She explained that she believed every photographer should specialize in something.

“When I started, I didn’t know what my specialty was,” she said.

From senior portraits, to on-location family shoots, engagement sessions, weddings and professional headshots, DiCola wasn’t sure of what she wanted to focus her career on. She continued an unsure, but successful business for almost two years. Then came the brainchild of a special kind of photoshoot that would become DiCola’s specialty, the Luxury Photo Session.

In early March of this year, DiCola launched the innovative photoshoot that is marketed toward women. The Luxury Portrait Session, rightfully named, is an experience for a
woman, along with her friends and family, to relax and leave the work to DiCola and her team of a hair and makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. She explained that she was studying marketing ideas for photography and came across a New Zealand-based photographer who does similar photoshoots and studied her training videos to learn more. DiCola, through her commercial photography work with the Kisner Communications, has made several strong community connections that would end up partnering with her for these modeling shoots. Businesses such as Flowers Unlimited, The Studio Salon, Nikki Visions, Taylor Hardee Hair, The Historic McFarland House and 1902 on Queen have all played a big role in the success of these photo sessions. DiCola volunteers on her photo team at Airborne Church, as she believes in using her gift to serve her community. She is also serving as the official photographer for the Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival for the second year in a row. Flowers Unlimited and The Studio Salon have provided outfits and clothing pieces for clients to wear during the Luxury Glamour Photo Sessions. Tina Hissam, a life-long friend of DiCola and Premiere Jewelry consultant, is the stylist for DiCola’s exclusive photoshoot.

“I trust her judgement that whatever choices she makes for the client will be the best for that individual,” said DiCola.

Nikki Stoneberger, owner and stylist of Nikki Visions has a different origin of friendship with DiCola. She was recommended by a trusted friend in a comment on DiCola’s business Facebook page. She had posted an inquiry for local hair and makeup artists who would be willing to take part in the glamour sessions which were unnamed at that point.

Taylor Hardee of Taylor Hardee Hair, and a fellow photographer is another hair and makeup artist used in the luxury sessions. DiCola is childhood friends with Taylor’s parents.

“I really enjoy collaborating with local small businesses. With some, I have an existing personal relationship. Others are new business relationships which result in great friendships.”

The launch of the Luxury Glamour Photo Session was experimental. DiCola photographed her cousin and Stoneberger to produce photos to promote the new product. The response to the promotion of the initial photoshoot resulted in immediate bookings.

“It was a trial run to practice the process and see what needed improved or changed” DiCola explained.

The first photo session following the launch was “magic” as DiCola put it. The Luxury Glamour Photo Session includes a pre-session consultation with DiCola to help the client understand what will take place, and to also establish the tone of the photoshoot. The tone can be professional, sexy, or glamorous, or a little bit of everything. The client arrives with a fresh face and clean hair ready for styling and application of makeup. Stylist Tina Hissam meets with the client to establish at least three different outfits along with accessories that best fit the client’s desires for the photoshoot. After an hour or more of preparation, the Luxury Glamour Session is in full speed.

DiCola explained the importance of keeping the client comfortable. She noted that some clients she has worked with, she had not met before.

“It was really important to keep the integrity of these women’s personalities because getting your picture taken by a stranger can be really unsettling for some,” she explained.

DiCola actively coaches her clients during the photoshoot to get optimal results. Things like posture, a simple turn of the chin, and posing are all elements that DiCola looks for.

“I talk to my client and we laugh a lot during the sessions. That helps reduce any anxiety about being in front of the camera and produces a natural, relaxed look in the end product.”

“I’ve found my niche in the industry” DiCola affirmed.